Your garden furniture is comfy, but is it ergonomic?

ergonomic furniture

After a rigorous day’s work there nothing more appealing than achieving fine relaxation on some nicely designed furniture. Living in a world where ailments are part and parcel of us, getting furniture that both ergonomic for both leisure and health is the perfect fit.

It is no surprise that homeowners are opting for message chairs which experts credit for achieving the ultimate muscle relaxation and soothing the body in the process. More often than not, most of our body is tense from stress (both physical and mental), that can be worsened by the kind of furniture one retires to at the end of the day.

It should be noted that, while everyone wants user-friendly chairs, the knowledge of the health benefits that come with such furniture is not widely known to many people. While lots of furniture is designed comfortably, only in recent years has thought been put into how it really affects the body. While ergonomic chairs have been developed for the office in recent years, this hasn’t quite reached the realm of home and garden furniture yet.

Below we take a look at some of the factors to consider before settling on a suitable and comfortable furniture for the home or yard. Enjoy!

Better Get the Size Right – The Goldilocks Rule

While the industry provides a wide range of chairs, primarily it is important to get your preferred size right. The industry generally factors chair sizes into 3 buckets (small, medium and large). Make sure that you and your family will have the correct sizing when making a purchase.

Sitting in a chair that is too big or too small is not only uncomfortable but also a severe health risk. If you are going to spend any prolonged period sitting on this furniture, it should be “just right” (just like Goldilocks, get it?).

Factor in the Style and Size of Your Home/Yard

You might get the real deal in terms of the desirable furniture but be locked out since it doesn’t fit in either the size of style of your home/yard. Definitely keep that in mind, even make sure to take measurements and mock up the placement before placing the final order.

While ultimately it will be the ergonomics and comfort of the furniture that’s important for your body, it shouldn’t be an eyesore. Comfort comes in many factors, and keeping this pleasing to the eye is one of them.

Budget Sufficiently

Don’t go for low-end quality if you intend to benefit from the aforementioned issues. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”, and this is probably even moreso true for ergonomic furniture. Keep in mind that the nuanced designs take time and money to develop, and this will be reflected in the price.

Money doens’t grow on trees, and one should aim for the best quality their budget will allow. There also might be some less expensive options, such as Better Back, which is a cushion that purports to turn every chair into an ergonomic chair. (Have a better idea for a furniture product? You might like this guide about How to get on Shark Tank).

Try Before Your Buy!

Our final note is an important one, and that is to try the furniture before you buy the furniture. While online shopping has made every easy as a few clicks away, sometimes it makes more sense to search out a showroom and actually sit in the funiture beforehand. It’s a pain to process returns after the fact (and sometimes it’s not even possible!), and with the cost associated with this stuff, we don’t want buyers remorse.

That’s all for now, we hope this has been helpful. Thank you!