5 benefits of installing made to measure windows


Windows not only illuminate the house but also ventilate and add to the beauty of the house. However, all this is applicable only if they fit right. There may be a problem if you have a differently shaped or sized bespoke window. You can’t and shouldn’t use standard versions but instead, look for made to measure windows, offering the following benefits.

1. Maximum utilization of existing space

Made to measure or customized windows make maximum use of the available wall space. Houses with standard windows usually end up with something too large for comfort or too many unnecessary windows. It’s instead better to sometimes use something bespoke or a round one instead of something square or rectangular.

Sometimes a round window provides as much brightness and ventilation as two or three square ones. This leaves you with a relatively empty wall space, where you can construct shelves or hang pictures and beautify the room.

2. Maximum use of energy

Made to measure windows fit snugly, and perfectly into the opening. This is unlike standard units which may have a small gap. These gaps are more than enough for air leakages.

Perfect fitting windows reduce or even completely stop the air loss around the openings. This reduces heat from entering the room and summer cooling bills and prevents cold air from entering in winter to reduce heating bills.

3. Improved security

Perfect fitting windows, made of strong and durable glass offer better security by preventing possible break-ins. They usually come with various options for you to select from like folding grills to shutters.

4. Easy installation

Not many know that it’s easier installing made to measure windows. You don’t have to prepare anything before installing it as per the opening size. You won’t even need additional materials to fill up gaps while fitting the windows.

5. More designs

Last, but not least, made to measure windows offer versatility in its design options. Standard units not only come in standard sizes and measurements, but they are also usually manufactured in bulk and the same design.

At most, there may be some difference in the polishing, painting or finish. Things, however, are different from customized windows. You can choose and have it made as per your unique colors, tastes, and requirements. You can customize windows to complement each room’s wall colors and furniture.  There are various design options for these windows available.

If you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your home, or if you have differently sized windows, then made to measure windows are better than standard ones. You reap the best effects by having them professionally installed instead of doing it on your own.