Challenge accepted! 5 small bathroom decorating ideas

bathroom ideas

Small-space bathrooms do not have to be one of the many things that trigger stress. If your bathroom doesn’t have enough space, worry not.  For sure, a tiny bathroom can be practical, stylish, and space efficient with the proper knowledge.

Of course, the bathroom is one of the most significant areas in the home. And it is certainly fascinating how a small room can somewhat affect our daily lives. As such, decorating a small bathroom is like a crossword puzzle. Difficult and challenging.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas that can improve and modify a small bathroom. By incorporating these ideas, small bathrooms can be much more practical and functional. Do you have a small bathroom? Check out the list below, and it might convince you that small-space bathrooms are not that awful after all.

Simple, Plain, and Practical

For small-space bathrooms, functionality is the key. Of course, having insufficient space can quickly lead to undesirable clutter. Therefore, you should ensure that you will only add design elements that are simple, plain, and practical.

Please avoid adding worthless objects that certainly don’t serve a single purpose. For instance, you can keep swabs and cotton balls in glass containers and place it on floating shelves.

For a unique decoration, you can place a fancy ottoman with storage, for which you can buy in any online store like Black Mango. As such, you can store some things inside and use them as relaxation or as a decoration. Furthermore, you can also install storage for your clothes under the sink.

High Up and Soaring

Even though you only have limited space in your bathroom, you can still use height for your convenience. For sure, small-space bathrooms have walls. Thus, use it to your advantage and benefit by keeping things high up rather than close to the floor.

For more convenience, make sure to place often-used things within your reach, while you can put those items that you rarely use in a higher position. To avoid accidentally hitting or banging your head on hard baskets, hang plastic or soft mesh organizers for the items that you frequently use.

Organizers have different pocket sizes that will surely store most of your things like a hairdryer. Plus, you do not have to hover it on the door, you just have to pound a nail on the wall and ta-da! You can now easily place the organizer easily that is practical for you and your family.

Cover with a New Coat of Paint

bathroom ideas
Let’s face the fact that small-space bathrooms are one of the many things that trigger stress. However, one of the things that you can do to make it feel and look larger is by choosing the right wall paint color.

Light colors are perfect for small-space bathrooms. With light colors, it can make any tiny bathrooms seem larger. Bright and light colored bathroom walls are more capable of reflecting light, making any small-space bathrooms feel airy and open.

Thus, go for icy blue, cream, or other variants of blue and green. Moreover, you can also choose paint colors in aqua, white, yellow, pearl gray, or pink.

Make Use of the Corners or Edges

By making use of the corners or edges, you can take advantage of the entire space in your small-space bathroom. You can install a corner pedestal sink or a wall-mounted sink to be able to save more space on the other side of the walls for things like a tiny tub, a toilet, or towels.

They are far more practical and functional, you will surely have a normally sized basin, and you will save lots of space. However, it is still dependent on how and where you install your plumbing system. Ask a skilled plumber to know if can change the position of some pipes so that you can place your sink wherever you want.

Select the Right Lighting

bathroom ideas
Whether small or big bathrooms, lighting is important. But, small-space bathrooms are a special case. If you happen to have lighting that emits darker light, then the smaller it will feel. Regardless of its size, bathrooms should feel open and bright.

It is of the utmost importance to construct a lighting arrangement that illuminates the entire space but doesn’t overwhelm the room, making it feel smaller and cluttered. Think creatively and avoid installing typical bathroom lighting like vanity lights.

Instead try installing lighting fixtures that will certainly maximize and expand your small-space bathroom, both in lighting and design. Lighting fixtures such as tape lights, lighted mirrors, flush mount ceiling lights, are some of the most innovative lighting ideas you can incorporate in your tiny bathroom.


Small-space bathrooms do not automatically mean impractical. They can be just as practical and functional as larger spaces can be. If possible, follow some of the tips above, and you will find yourself some extra space, and it will not be as cramped as it was before.

Decorating a tiny bathroom does not have to be a distressing and challenging task. Just ensure that you incorporate functional pieces to build a space-saving haven.