Garden space saving ideas with rattan furniture

rattan furniture

Stress buster for me is my home and especially my garden. After a hectic day at work, I prefer to spend some quiet moments with me in my garden. Well, even on a lazy Sunday morning, this is the place I prefer for my afternoon nap. It is a small space but I have done up beautifully, all thanks to rattan garden furniture from Brooks that helped me achieve a minimalist look and that too on a budget. Brooks rattan garden furniture is home to exclusive and extensive range of rattan furniture right from coffee sets, dining sets sectional sofas, loungers etc.

If you are looking for getting a space like this, well I have some tips and better to say, I have some garden space saving ideas that I will share with you in this blog. To start with, my preference for my house and garden are:

  • Furniture that is highly functional and does not take up much space
  • Furniture which is versatile and does more than one job
  • Furniture with easy and foldable storage

Let us take them up one by one.

rattan furniture

Furniture that is highly functional and does not take up much space

For my balcony, i chose a small coffee table with two chairs. One can never go wrong with bistro coffee sets. My love for coffee sets come from the fact that you don’t need to finish your coffee to make space for anyone else just as we are forced at the coffee shop.  Small chit-chat with your partner, spending your me time is what all you can do.

Corner sofa sets- rounded, square with foot stools- there are plenty of options in styles, colors and shapes with Brooks. You can also consider buying sectional sofas that serves as a multi-purpose furniture.

Furniture that is versatile and does more than one job

Dining tables – today they are not just chairs and tables, but come with as sectional furniture piece that you can interchange as coffee sets or with foot stools wherein you can rest your tired feet or accommodate extra guests.

The throw cushions are fire retardant to UK fire safety standards, can be given a quick wash in machine with mild detergent. Available in hue of colors, you can change them to change the decor instantly.

Furniture with easy and foldable storage

I just hate winters….for it means no time for relaxing…. I love to bask in the sun. But winters don’t let me do that. Nevertheless, thanks to Brooks that I can now fold and store my furniture easily. I was amazed to see how a big sofa just packed into a cube. I am now waiting for the sun to shine again so that I can enjoy my cuppa coffee sitting on my beautiful Bistro coffee set.

rattan furniture

Other storage options

Drawers are quite a practical option for you can keep the things in a sorted manner and it is easy to look for them in future. Chests are another option wherein you can keep clothes, toys, old books anything.

My bistro coffee set comes with a table that has storage option wherein I can store my wine glasses, the books i enjoy to read in my leisure time, my favourite cushion for a quick nap and many tits and bits to munch on.

Indulge in buying some great garden space saving rattan furniture at Brooks today and take home your favourite furniture at guaranteed best price with free shipping.