Cut trees down safely with professional help

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Trees, as we all know, are a wonderful commodity that provides shade, food, oxygen, act as barriers to noise, break down the cold winds, provide shelter to wildlife and add a majestic appeal to the environment. Trees not only beautify the environment but when growing in your yard can increase the value of the property. All in all, trees are a true asset, but there are certain situations when you need to cut down the tree such as when they are aged and can pose a serious safety hazard, the root system of the tree is growing into your house or the septic tank or the tree is diseased and damaged.

Whatever the reason, if you have a tree on your property which needs to be cut down, I would advise that you leave the job for the professionals. Hire a certified arborist in Melbourne from an established tree removal company.

If you have a relatively short or small tree to be removed, it may be possible to tackle the task yourself, but keep safety in mind at all times. You also need to know about the right technique on how to cut down the tree efficiently and effectively and have all the equipment ready. So, this task is better left to the professionals as they have the necessary safety equipment as well as all the tools needed for effective tree removal.

Here I have outlined some of the techniques professionals follow to fell a tree safely.

Check with the Government for the required permit

Trees are vital to the Melbourne environment and its residents. When trees pose more risks than benefits they need to be removed by a proficient arborist like Daryl’s Tree Removal. In these cases, council regulations must be consulted to determine whether the tree should be cut down or not. Each council has their own rules, so you need to check their website for information or call them. The best way to know whether a permit is needed or not is to consult with certified arborist from a reputable company. The professionals have the knowledge to of tree species, can measure the tree, refer to council regulations and ensure that you don’t break any rules.

Have the right safety gear

Safety is crucial when you are felling a tree. There are few essential safety gears that you need such as a logger’s helmet to protect you from falling branches, earmuffs and face screen to protect your ears from the noise of the chainsaw and screen to protect your eyes from sawdust and small splinters, safety glasses to keep the dust out and Kevlar chaps to stop a chainsaw instantly if you happen to drop the bar against your leg. The other things you need are a ladder, rope, axe and wedges.

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Survey the area around the tree

Take a look at the area around the tree to ensure there are no structures or other trees where you want the tree to fall. Things like power lines, roads, fences should all be considered before you fell a tree. If there are a lot of structures around the tree, hire tree removalists Melbourne rather than doing it yourself. Cutting down a tree which falls onto another tree could be dangerous as it triggers a domino effect.

Estimate the felling zone

Once you have surveyed the area around the tree and found it clear, the next step is to estimate the felling zone. You need to estimate the height of the tree, but remember to keep ample space as trees are much taller than you think. The professionals use an axe handle trick to determine where the tree will fall. Hold an axe handle at arm’s length, close one eye and back away or move forward to the tree until the top of the axe is even with the tree top and bottom is even with the base. Your feet would be where the tree top will rest after falling. It is just an estimate, keep the extra room.

The above mentioned are some of the steps you need to follow to safely cut down a tree, but my advice would be that you hire certified arborist.