How to make your garden bee-friendly

Creating a bee friendly garden

Many important plants and crops rely on bees to pollinate them. With bee numbers in decline, you can you do your little bit to help by making your garden more bee-friendly. Our new infographic will show you how.

If bee numbers continue to fall, it won’t just be honey production that will be affected. Around one third of our crops are pollinated by bees, and fewer bees will mean higher prices and less availability for many of your favourite foods. Remember that not all bees live in hives — many species of honeybee and bumblebee live solitary lives in small nests. Attracting bees to your garden isn’t just beneficial to the environment; it can also help pollinate your own plants and flowers.

By following the tips in the diagram below, you can do your little part to keep the bee population healthy.

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Making your garden bee friendly - infographic

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