Skylights for outside – A welcome addition


With the summer firmly behind us and autumn and winter months approaching fast, the amount of natural light you let into your home and other buildings is paramount to avoid spending a fortune on your energy bills.  If you’re the sort of person who has a few outbuildings – Garages, sheds, even a summerhouse or pool house – You’ll understand how much time can be spent in them throughout the year in all weathers.  To avoid having to use the lights all the time a skylight is the perfect addition to these buildings.  Able to be placed on both flat-roofs and sloped roofs they’re flexible to your needs and very easy to install both on new builds and retrofit installations.

But what are the benefits of installing a skylight into your shed, or garage for example?  Sheds and garages can be dark and dingy places, a skylight fitted into the roof of the structure floods the area with natural light, removing any need at all for having to turn a light on during the daylight hours.  Having a skylight fitted in your shed can not only aid with lighting the area but can also give the building a more ‘homely’ feel, just from the point of having a window installed.

Skylights truly are the way forward when it comes to modern innovations in a property, installing them in a summerhouse in the garden can add the extra luxury you didn’t know you needed on those long, hot summer evenings.  If you chose to install a “venting skylight” you can take advantage of it’s air conditioning properties without the need for excess fans or even an air conditioning system in the summer house.  The venting skylights will open to create a vacuum that sucks out all the hot and dry air inside whilst still allowing cool air to flow in and around the room to keep the temperature cool and comfortable in the summer air.

All in all, when it comes to thinking about putting a skylight into your outside building, the pros severely outweigh the cons, they can add a certain elegance to the structure that a vertical window just can’t compete with.  Reasonably priced to install they can also aid in pushing up the value of a property without even being directly on the main house!