How to choose the correct wine glass

wine glasses

Of course, you can drink wine from absolutely any vessel you see fit, and if you’re not particularly fussed on the kind of wine you’re drinking (and how much of it), then it really doesn’t matter. However, if you’re looking to really savour your wine, then your choice of glass really does make all the

Purchasing dinnerware: The ultimate guide

dining set

When sitting down to the dinner table, the choice of dinnerware is the first impression the diner gets, both in terms of the company that is joining them and the quality of the food and drink that they can expect to enjoy. Before investing in any form of tableware, it’s incredibly important to consider a

Design tips for planning the perfect outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Many things usually go into designing an outdoor kitchen. It takes a lot of time from planning to the purchase the stuff that will go into it. Besides, it never comes cheap. Here are some tips to consider before setting up an outdoor kitchen. 1. The Available Space Small properties usually present few choices, when

How to host the best garden party of the spring

garden party

As soon as the ground starts to thaw and the days get longer, people can’t wait to spend their afternoons outdoors and in the sun. Spring is a great time to get together for garden parties on the weekends, as long as you’re prepared for the surprise weather the season might spring on you. Planning

How to set up your BBQ for entertaining

bbq area

Outdoor parties are fun but can be a ton of work. But entertaining is something we all want to do, so setting up your outdoor BBQ the right way is the key to success. There are a ton of great options when throwing a BBQ party. Below are useful tips to make your backyard space