What you should know about proper restoration for older oak beams

When you have a particular element or feature in your property that stands out – whether it’s an architectural or structural detail such as stained windows, old oak beams, and more – you would want to make sure that this feature or element is in the best condition. Take the case of oak beams, for

Reclaimed timber frames: Embracing the environment

timber frame

In North America, people tend to build houses and many other buildings out of wood. Interestingly, craftsmen and architects have been practicing timber framing for centuries. One could say that the people of North America perfected the art of timber framing for centuries. There might be several ways of building the frame, but timber frame

Uses of timber in construction


Timber is a strenuous and durable material, widely used in the construction industry. The material exists in different forms, all of which are used for a variety of applications. Veneers Timber veneers comprise of extremely thin layers of the material, which are produced by cutting timber with a rotary cutter. A huge piece is rotated

How to cut your own lumber with a portable chainsaw mill

portable chainsaw mill

The very first time I ever countered a portable saw mill was when I took my dad to cut wooden blocks for a wood house that we were building. More often than not, I didn’t quite like the noise that the saw gave and I almost gave it all up in the very beginning. One

5 tips for decorating your home using shiplap

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Did you know shiplap was used in early shipbuilding techniques? In fact, shiplap was never meant to be used in home interior design. Thanks to its rustic appeal and subtle texture, however, shiplap has been on the home renovation menu for several years. A traditional shiplap is a wooden plank with a groove (rabbet) along

The different types of wood flooring for your home

wood flooring

When you’re getting your home renovated or picking a flooring option, you can’t go wrong with wood flooring in Melbourne. Additionally, most people love the finish, the durability and the feeling of grounding that using wood brings in a room. Much like the walls, the floor does have a strong impact on the overall look

Meet reclaimed wood – 2018’s trendiest furniture

reclaimed wood

In the last few decades, it has become popular to deconstruct old wooden buildings and structures, then to recycle the materials for other purposes. Reclaimed wood is made when previously processed wood is “reclaimed” from its original source and used today for a variety of different purposes. Reclaimed wooden furniture is made from a variety