The 3 best types of wood for Arizona garden furniture

wooden furniture

A well-manicured front lawn is something many homeowners aspire to. This is a worthy goal, and one that isn’t too difficult with a good understanding of the options.

To achieve the picturesque lawn that you dream of, you will need to spend some time and money searching for and hiring skilled arborists, fence installers, and other lawn professionals. A truly beautiful lawn requires the help of people who deal with plants such as landscapers and gardeners.

When you’ve settled into your Arizona home and you have already set up your desired lawn, you need to consider how to truly complete your vision with the right kinds of garden furniture. adding different kinds of garden furniture such as chairs, picnic tables, and pergolas will fundamentally change the appearance and utility of your backyard space.

These pieces can be made either of metal or wood. Take note, though, that many people prefer wooden pieces because of the natural feel and overall elegant appeal. Should you decide to also go with wooden pieces, choose them well. Because these items will be exposed to the elements, they should be made of wood that is pretty durable. Just what are these types of wood?


A good woodcrafter would probably say that teak is the most ideal hardwood for outdoor furniture. It is dense and pretty durable. It resists decay and does not shrink. It also repels water effectively. These desirable properties are due to teak’s naturally tight grains and its natural oils. In fact, teak oil is what’s usually used in treatments that maintain the natural golden luster of pieces that are made of other hardwoods such as shorea.

The production of teak is now well regulated and the harvesting more effectively timed for sustainability. The myth that only aged teak trees can be used has successfully been debunked. Even with the recent slackening of regulations, teak is still one of the most expensive hardwood types available.


Acacia is a type of wood usually used in making boats. This alone is a strong proof of how durable and rot-resistant this type of hardwood is. Acacia is also going to be priced affordably because it grows in abundance in many parts of the world. In some cases, acacia trees are harvested just because they’ve become invasive and are damaging to other plants and some structures.

To make this hardwood look more appealing, you can make it go through a reliable sealing process. This treatment also enhances its resistance to the elements. If left unsealed, acacia can become discolored.


Shorea is dense and naturally-resistant to decay. This type of wood is also said to be very resistant to insect infestations. Because of this, it has the ability to withstand the pressures of everyday use and the harshness of the outdoors.

Shorea is usually grown in Asian forests. It is a generic name for a wide range of tree species that include Lauan and Philippine mahogany. Shorea production is now heavily regulated to ensure sustainability.