Thinking of an above-ground swimming pool? Make sure you avoid these 5 problems

above ground pool

So, you have decided to purchase an above ground pool which is a very popular choice these days for a number of reasons. Above ground pools are available in a wide choice of shapes and sizes, this is ideal if space is an issue and if you are on a budget.

By purchasing a quality above ground pool, it should provide many years of enjoyment. However, to ensure you get off to the best possible start it is worth mentioning that there are a number of things to consider beforehand and it is important not to overlook some of the most common mistakes including the plumbing!

1. Avoid Uneven Ground

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when moving soil around is taking soil from raised land and then using that on more shallow land. The problem with this is that the soil which you have moved will eventually settle, it may happen straight away or it may take time but it will definitely happen. Dig out on the shallowest area so the pool sits on new ground only and this way it will be entirely level.

2. Chemicals

Another common issue is around chemicals. The correct use of chemicals is important to fight bacteria and keep your pool free of algae. A lot of pool owners simply use the wrong chemicals along with the incorrect strength which can cause all sorts of issues as well as possible health implications.

Remember not all water is the same. Take a small sample to your local pool store so they can advise you on the most suitable chemicals for your above ground pool. Self-testing kits are also widely available.

3. Wrong Sizer Filter

Using a filter which is too small is a common mistake often made by above ground pool owners. A pool filter is measured by its flow rate, which is gallons per minute. By using a filter which is too small the pump will be sending more water that it is designed to take.

As well as the possibility of ruining the motor within the pump, it can also damage the filters. It is recommended that when using a pool filter that you purchase one which has a capacity of approximately 15-20 gallons per minute more than you need.

This will give you some leeway in terms of avoiding problems and should you decide to upgrade your pump the filter will be able to handle the extra capacity.

As well as the above be sure to clean your filter at least once per month to prevent a spread of algae.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

One of the biggest reasons pool owners spend too much money is due to lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. As previously discussed by not cleaning the filter it can lead to a whole array of mechanical problems. Also, a dirty pool will become a very easy target for a buildup of algae which is quite a bit job to get rid of.

If you happen to be having a party when more people are likely to be using the pool more chlorine will be required. Again, your local pool store can advise you on the correct balance.

Pets like to swim too and it is ok to have your canine friend take a dip but you need to be sure to remove any dog hair afterward or it could lead to problems with the pool.

Run the pump regularly. Let’s face it, we all like to save money and that is one of the main reasons why pool owners like to switch the pump off. The fact is that the pump should be run for at least 8 – 10 hours a day. Swimming pools are self-cleaning and the pump is required so the filter and skimmer stay clean.

5. Circulating Hot Water

Good pool circulation is critical to a clean and well-maintained pool. All the chemicals that have been put into the pool need to be circulated. Hot water circulation is basically like cleaning the pool. To have good circulation you will need at the very least a good pump and a filter.

As part of good circulation, brushing is also important and you should be doing this at least once a week