Tips for having the best lawn in the neighbourhood


Having a neat and green lawn will add value to the property and ensure your garden looks inviting. You will get immense satisfaction from looking at your yard, and your neighbors will be green with envy. Having the best lawn in the neighborhood is not as easy as it might seem. This can be even more complicated during the time of drought. However, you can achieve the look by proper planning an putting in a little effort. One of the most important thing when it comes to lawn care is not just lots of care, but consistent and regular care. Good care can manage to revive a lawn that has been damaged. If you are not able to do all of the recommended tasks below, you can consider hiring a lawn care services company.


Good planning will go a long way in helping you have the best lawn around. Planning will involve reviewing any areas or problems that you need to start working on. You will have to decide whether the existing grass can be restored. If the current grass is not the type you want or is too damaged, you will have to re-turf. Invest time and effort in choosing the right turf. You will need to learn more about the different options out there, then choose the one you like.

Water deeply and less often

When the lawn is frequently watered for short periods, you are teaching the grass to have a shallow root system. This will make it easier for weeds to start growing and the grass becomes more susceptible to disease. In order to prevent this, you should water less, but when you do, it should be for a longer period of time. The roots of the grass will grow deep. This will also help because it will help the lawn stay green even during drought.

Alternative mowing patterns

The lawn is just like your own. When you brush your hair, in the same way, the same direction, it will start developing a memory and start falling that way most of the time. Many people follow this when it comes to their lawns because they want to be done as quick as possible. This will result in the grass leaning in one direction and causing compacted ruts from the mower. If you want to prevent this, mow it in different directions and switch up patterns. Your lawn will look better.

Make sure that the blades of the mower are sharp

Just because the lawn mower is able to cut grass doesn’t mean that its blades are sharp. Any blade is able to cut down grass, but a dull blade leaves the blades of the grass sticking upwards. This can result in the grass turning brown. Using a sharp blade will get rid of this problem.

Top dress using screened compost

Spread a thin layer of about ¼ inch of screened post over the surface of the lawn is a good idea because it will replenish the bacteria, organisms, and fungi that have a critical role in healthy soil. When the organisms move in the soil, they improve the structure of the soil and diminish compaction. Compost is natural and will be used as natural fertilizer.

Mulch your grass

Mulching is a good thing for your grass, despite what you have heard about it. If you don’t have a mulching mower, consider getting a mulching blade. When the mower cuts the initial piece of the grass blade, they are designed in such a way that cut them into smaller pieces. This means that the grass that has been cut will be small in size and break down easily. The layer of shredded grass will be able to add some nutrients when decomposing. They will act the same way as a mulch, which retains water.

Cut at the recommended height

There are people who usually mow to an inch so that it can take longer before they need to cut again. This is not a good idea because you are doing more harm than good. The recommended height is “3. Another important thing to remember is never to mow more than a third of the height of your grass at once. If you are looking to cut more than a third, consider doing it at two different times. Cutting more than a third will weaken the grass and it will make it susceptible to diseases and drought.

Mow when dry

It is more difficult to cut grass when it is wet and will clog the r mower decks. Choose the right time for mowing, and this is why it is important to plan. You will be able to know what your lawn needs.

Don’t over-water

There is such thing as over-watering. This can be easier to happen when you are using a sprinkler. Grass tends to perform better in conditions that are dry when compared to conditions that are wet. Water the lawn when you start seeing signs of drought. You should remember to frequently water less for a longer period of time.

Aerate in spring and fall

Aerating will prove to be beneficial for your lawn. You should get a gas-powered core aerator that will be able to penetrate the lawn. Aerating will give the roots room to grow. It will also allow nutrients and water to easily penetrate the soil so it can reach the roots of the grass. Microorganisms will be left on the surface and it will help in the decomposition of thatch.

Prevent weeds before they come up

You can use pre-emergent herbicide so you can control weed in your lawn. The herbicide will help in controlling one of the most dreaded weeds, crabgrass. The herbicide will stop the seeds from sprouting on your lawn. Use the herbicide early in the spring.

Feed the lawn

Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for your lawn. Buy a mix of fast and slow-release fertilizer that will leave your lawn looking green in a short time while feeding it over time. You should not feed the grass when it is dormant because it cannot take in the nutrients.