Tips on buying sympathy flowers

Sympathy flowers

Our expert guest author offers some advice on choosing the right flowers to show sympathy.

When someone passes away, it brings immense sorrow to his/her loved ones and creates a void in them that cannot be replenished with anything else. Although, nothing can undo their pain, showing condolence and sympathy is a humane thing to do.

Giving sympathy flowers to their family is a common etiquette in England. But choosing which flower is the sympathy flower among so many varieties of flowers can make things really difficult. One cannot give a flower that one likes on such an occasion. There are many well-known florists that do cheap flower delivery service in the UK that have experienced professionals who can help you with this task.

It is important to understand it yourself what the sympathy flowers are and what do they mean. Following is a small list of flowers that you can go through before you decide which flower you want to give to show your sympathy:

1. Lilies

They are the most common flowers that are gifted on someone’s sad demise. Lilies mean that the soul that has passed away has found peace. You can also choose stargazer lilies which are the most relevant lilies for this purpose.
It is believed that Virgin Mary’s tomb was covered with this flower when she left the world, it is thence used for this purpose.

2. Peace Lily plant

These blooms represent rebirth and purity, which makes them a nice choice for a sympathy flower. The plant can be gifted with the pots that can stay with them for a long time. This plant also has a long life.

3. Roses

They are a versatile flower that comes in many colours. Each color is used for a different purpose. White roses are an ultimate symbol of piousness and purity. They are an ideal flower for the funeral of someone close.

4. Orchids

They come in various colors and no matter which color you choose all serve the purpose of showing compassion and condolence as they mean you are with them no matter what. They are also known to last long.

5. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is beautiful and peaceful flowers. They, therefore, symbolize true heartfelt emotions that you share with the one you are giving them.

6. Tulips

They are come in various vibrant colours and always look fresh. These blooms represent freshness and hence carry a subtle message that there’s still so much left in life.

7. Daffodils

These blooms have a distinctive shape – a flower in a flower. It represents rebirth as well as new hopes in life. They bring good omen to the house too. A bouquet made from daffodils will surely stand out from others.

Sending sympathy flowers is an important gesture that one must show. One must not over-think and procrastinate this. It is an emotional moment for them and a sympathy flower is all they expect from you. Flowers fill the environment with not only their freshness and vibrant colours but also with their sweet fragrance.

You should write a hand-written note on the bouquet since this ensures that you have sympathy for them. You can search and find good sympathy messages on the internet too. Always keep the message simple and avoid using any harsh words like “death” or likes. At the same time, avoid overuse of short clichés. Make them know that you are always with them and are ready to help them in all their needs.

Remember, it is never too late to send sympathy flowers, you can send them even after a week of the demise. Always give the flowers personally and share a few thoughts along with it.