Which type of pool cleaner should you buy?

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Manually cleaning a swimming pool can be a hectic and tiring task. You need assistance, you need a Pool Cleaner. A Pool Cleaner is a device that will automate the cleaning process ensuring minimal manual intervention and a proper cleanup of your pool. There are varieties of Pool Cleaners available in the market but which will suit your purpose? Which one will be the most accurate device to help you with your endeavor? We are here to help you choose. We bring you a detailed report on the numerous pool cleaners available in the market. This will help you understand how different Pool Cleaners work and what benefits they offer.

1. Handheld Pool Cleaners

A Handheld Pool Cleaner is the simplest device to clean a pool. The working is similar to a vacuum cleaner used inside the home except it is used to clean the water surface. The powerful suction will suck in all the algae and debris and collect it in the filter. Handheld Pool Cleaners are also known as Vacuum Pool Cleaners. The Pool Cleaners require a chord and a constant power supply but some run on rechargeable batteries as well offering a runtime of 45 minutes to 1 hour. The battery operated pool cleaners are slightly heavier than the power operated ones weighing around 7 to 8 pounds while the power operated Pool Cleaners weight around 2 to 3 pounds. The debris catching bag is tightly secured so nothing could escape it.

Features of a Handheld Pool Cleaner:

  • Compact and Effective: This device is not bulky and it cleans up the pool effectively.
  • Collects Algae and Debris: It collects algae and debris scattered around the pool. Even fine sand particles can’t escape its filter.
  • Inexpensive: The Vacuum Pool Cleaners come in budget. So it is good for people who are tight on money.
  • Runs on Battery: Some variants of Handheld Pool Cleaners run on battery as well.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use: These Pool cleaners work on the basic principle of a vacuum cleaner so it is fairly easy to use.

2. Suction Pool Cleaners

This cleaner connects to the suction surface of the plumbing. It is like a vacuum connected to the pool’s filter system. This device sucks up dirt and debris from the base of the pool as it travels along the floor. The Suction Pool Cleaner is powered by the pressure from the current pump system of the pool. The water is sucked via different pipes from various areas of the swimming Pool. A pump near the filter channels the water and it is taken by the pipes into the filter.

Features of a Suction Pool Cleaner:

  • Easy to use: The Suction Pool Cleaner connects to your existing pump and uses it to filter dust and debris from the pool.
  • Easy to Install: It is fairly easy to install a Suction Pool Cleaner. It simply connects to the existing filtration system of the Pool.
  • Minimum Human Interference: Human interference is seldom required to operate this Pool Cleaner as it automatically keeps cleaning until stopped.

3. Robotic Pool Cleaners

This is the most popular pool cleaner. It is like a robot cleaning up the pool on your command. You just have to place it inside the pool and plug in the power supply. It will move along the floor and climb on the walls rubbing off dust and spots from the tiles. It comes equipped with a pump and motor to help it suck the water from below and throw it out from above it while moving around the pool. The water it pumps passes through an ultrafine filter that removes the dust and debris from the water. This suction allows the cleaner to climb the walls as well thus the attached brushed below are able to scrub the walls.

Features of a Robotic Pool Cleaner:

  • Fully Automatic: You just have to place your Robotic Pool Cleaner in the water and switch on the power supply; it will take care of the rest. After it is done your pool will be clean and tidy.
  • Ultrafine Filter: The Robotic Pool Cleaner filters the fine dust particles contaminating your dear pool.
  • Remote control: Some Robotic Pool Cleaners can be controlled remotely. So you can concentrate on that stubborn spot in your shining pool.

4. Pressure Pool Cleaners

The return jets in the pool powers the Pressure Pool Cleaners. It delivers an outstanding vacuum power and a fast cleaning mechanism. It works on a booster pump and comes in all shapes and sizes. The body of the cleaner is hooked up to a hose attached to the water return jet. A sweep hose wags along underwater, behind the cleaner, blasting the floor and walls of your pool with jets of water that loosen debris. There is a skimmer bag attached to the jet sweep hose. It collects large debris while the small debris is kicked up by the sweep hose and collected by the pool’s filtration system.

Features of a Pressure Pool Cleaner:

  • Lightweight: Most of the Pressure Pool Cleaners are very light.
  • Easy to use: It is extremely easy to use a Pressure Pool Cleaner.
  • Reduced Load: By collecting the large debris it reduces the load on Pool’s filtration system.

5. The In-Floor Cleaning System

This is a little expensive Pool Cleaning system. These are installed during the construction of the swimming pool. An In-Floor Cleaning System sanitizes, eliminates cold pockets, reduces heat loss and filters dust and debris. The cleaning system utilizes water from the main pump, like standard jets but also pulls water from the top.

Features of an In-Floor Cleaning System:

  • Expensive but durable: Installing an In-Floor Cleaning system can be a little hard on pocket but it is long lasting and ensures the tidiness of the pool.
  • Most effective Pool Cleaner: The cleaning process of this system is fast and effective. It cleans dirt and debris like no other pool cleaner can.
  • Fully Automatic: The In-Floor Cleaning System is ready to clean at the push of a button. You need not intervene in any way while the cleaner takes on the dirt and debris polluting your pool.

Which One Should You Buy?

Get the one that is most suitable to your needs. If you want a cleaner that can also scrub the walls and tiles, try the robotic pool cleaner. It also comes with a remote control so you can direct it as you deem fit. If you are building up a swimming pool then you can install an In-Floor Cleaning system. It is expensive and top notch but you will never have to worry about cleaning your pool ever again. It is low maintenance and effective and works with a slight push of a button. Algae and leaves have covered your pool and you don’t want to spend your hard earned bucks on a cleaner then a Handheld Pool cleaner is the right choice for you. Different products, different deeds choose the one that suits your needs.