Why, when and how should you prune a tree?

tree pruning

For a tree to look attractive, healthy, tidy and grow strong, it needs to be pruned. Pruning trees is a vital aspect in grooming trees. There are several reasons why a tree should be pruned.

Why should a tree be pruned

A good reason to prune a tree is if it is growing over your house or over an unwanted area. Branches growing over the roof of your house could pose a threat to you. If it breaks on its own, it could damage your roof and even harm you or a member of your family.

In cases where the tree branches are growing wildly and blocking the light, from reaching the ground, the tree should be pruned. This will allow light to pass through the trees and touch the ground.

If a branch is growing directly on top of another branch, that branch should be cut off. To maintain a healthy tree, there should be ample circulation of air all over its branches.

If there is enough air circulation in a tree the chances of fungus growths on the tree, and insects living in that tree will be reduced.

When should a tree be pruned

One of the best times to prune a tree is after the winter. During the winter the trees dry out and some limbs are destroyed by the cold. When the coldest winter time passes, your tree should be pruned. This gets it ready for the spring when fresh and healthy leaves spring out of the trees and the branches are refreshed.

The summer is also a good time to prune a tree. During the summer the spring out of leaves and branches are slower. Now, if you want your tree to take a particular shape, this is the time to prune it. It will grow in that shape and stay in that shape for longer.

During the summer the atmosphere is brighter and we see clearer. In this weather, you will be able to spot all the unwanted and defected limbs to cut them off.

You can also prune your flower bushes to enhance their looks. The timing has to be right for this aspect to work. Flower trees that blossom in the middle of the summer should be pruned in the end of the winter, and prune the ones that blossom in the spring whenever they wither.

In general, there are vital times in which a tree should be pruned. When you notice that one of its branches looks like it has a disease or looks dried up and dead, it’s time to cut that branch off.

Another good reason to cut off the limb of a tree is if that limb is damaged by either a storm, found broken or broken by accident. Broken branches must always be cut off from trees, as this will allow even distribution of the nutrients in the tree.

Best way to prune a tree

Tree pruning comes with a lot of benefits, As long as you cut it correctly.

However, if the tree is not pruned properly, you could stand a chance of damaging the tree. Here is how to prune a tree.

Start by wearing protective gloves. Depending on the size of the branch or limb, protect yourself by wearing a helmet and protective glasses.

The right stems to cut are the ones directly under healthy branches. This will reduce clustering. Always remember never to cut over 25% of the branches of the tree. Only cut the ones that need to be cut. For every cut you make on the tree, you increase its risk of insect infestation and fungus, so cut minimally.

Always cut a branch from the underside. When you cut the branch from under, it is less likely to crack close to the truck of the tree, considering the weight pulling it down. You need two cuts to remove the branch. The first cut should be a deep cut from underneath the branch, give about 3 inches on the same side, and then saw the branch out.

Always bear in mind to protect the trunk of the tree. When you want to cut a branch, give it at least one ft. gap, from the trunk. The last cut will be exactly where the branch joins with the trunk of the tree. This way the tree will heal healthily and quickly.

This post was written by Carl Marley who is a tree surgeon company in middlesbrough @ www.treesurgeonmiddlesbrough.co.uk