Take a tour of the world’s most expensive home

world's most expensive home

Central Park Tower in New York City is the tallest residential building in the world standing at 1,416 feet, and at the top sits the world’s most expensive private residence – The Penthouse at Central Park Tower. Covering 3 stories, the luxury home is currently listed on the market for $250,000,000. The penthouse features over

5 Reasons Why You Need an AVR Unit for Your Sewage Treatment Plant

Are you having trouble with your domestic sewage treatment plant noise? Well, so are thousands of people all over the country. For a long time, there was no solution to the problem of a noisy sewage treatment plant. However, there is now and it’s called an AVR unit. A relatively new product that is a

Solar energy can help keep health facilities alive worldwide

solar power

From women giving birth in the dark to surgeries conducted under candlelight and children being left vulnerable because vaccines cannot be refrigerated, lack of reliable power in health facilities has contributed to poor health access. Governments are not willing or lack the resources to expand the power grid to remote areas. In the hot and