8 awesome architectural designs


Architecture tells stories, gives form and character of their history, and brings us closer into it. Its capability is depicting the attractiveness of life in every phase of mankind’s occurrence. The older buildings have a story, a legend, in the end, something memorable, possess the characteristic of the period where they were made, they represent

This little planning tool will wow your clients in a big way

building plans

The emergence of floorplan layout and interior design applications over the last few years has provided a fun and interactive way for designers and their clients to plan spaces together. If only landscapers could take this process outdoors. Well, they can – and have! And you should too, because as we’ve seen among 2019 landscape

House design trends 2018: Building your dream home

house designs

Home is where the heart is. But not just the heart – it is also an extension of your personality. Owning a dream house is one of the most popular long-term goals of any youngster starting their career. It is not surprising that one spends a considerable amount of time planning the design. The architecture

Biophilic design – Green architecture as a way of life

biophilic design

Being surrounded by nature has a positive impact on our productivity, mood, health and general wellbeing so it’s no wonder why more and more young architects include biophilic design into their work. The biophilic design is a part of biophilia, meaning love of nature, which focuses on strengthening our relationship with nature and creating a

Aluminium doors & windows are stylish and give your home more security

aluminium doors

In your attempt to choose the best aluminium doors, you’re bound to come across a few premium options that look stylish and prove much stronger than the alternative options. In spite of their slim look, these aluminium doors make the most of their natural strength for yielding more light and glass. They would come with

How the right front door can transform your home


When it comes to home improvement, the usual areas are always paid the most attention: What colour should new walls should be painted, whether floor boards should be laid instead of carpet, and a number of other common dilemmas. However one aspect of your home that is often overlooked which can actually be one of

Building your dream home


Designing and constructing your very own house may seem like a dream come true. But in order to keep that dream from becoming a nightmare, HomeNation has prepared a list of all the details and tricks you should pay attention to in order to turn your lifelong dream into a reality and build yourself a

Ways to maximize energy use when building a new home

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You have a great deal of control over your energy efficiency when you’re constructing a new home from the ground up. While your options are limited with an existing structure, they’re nearly boundless when you begin from the foundation up. Investing more in smarter building techniques and installations now will help you enjoy energy savings