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Artificial Grass: Should I Use It For My Family Garden?

You can visualise how much time we spend on grass. On a hot summer day watching kids splash in a swimming pool, and lounging around a family barbecue in the fresh breeze are all great warm-weather pursuits. It isn’t all sunshine on the grass, as trimming, fertilising, and cleaning up after the dog require a

How to make an artificial grass tennis court

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Nowadays, there are numerous options for tennis court surface. One of the most popular choices for recreational players is artificial grass produced specifically for tennis courts. Artificial grass tennis court construction has many benefits over other surfaces, and here’s why. Why Artificial Grass Tennis Court is the Best Choice for You The reason for the

The 6 reasons you should consider artificial grass

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Taking the time to look after your garden can be relaxing, but it can also be time-consuming. As well as the more enjoyable parts of getting your hands dirty, there’s also a lot of irritating maintenance which most of us would rather avoid. Keeping your lawn in perfect condition can be difficult, especially if you’d

Artificial grass: A DIY guide

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Installing artificial grass in your garden comes with a whole host of benefits; from taking the stress out of gardening, all the way to keeping your garden green 365 days a year. But did you know that you can cut costs by installing artificial grass yourself? No workmen required! Read on and find out just

How to modernise your garden in time for spring

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Slowly but surely the winter period is drawing to a close. Daylight hours are getting gradually longer, meaning the time has come to start paying attention to our gardens once again. In the dark and cold of winter, the majority of us elect to all but completely neglect the grasses, bushes and flowers that make

What makes artificial grass so popular?

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Are you planning to get a complete makeover around your house? Do you have a big garden, but unable to maintain the grass every now and then? If that is the case, then artificial grass is the way to go. Switching to artificial grass can be amazing because it does not need mowing or trimming