The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

If you are thinking of renting a self storage unit but have never used one before and are not sure where to start – we can help you. This article will explain all of the do’s and don’t of having a self storage unit to help you make the most of the experience. The Dos

Backyard eyesores: Don’t let them ruin your outdoor space

garden clutter

Air-conditioning units, utility boxes, and garden hoses are certainly not part of an outdoor oasis, but there they are. There’s simply no way of getting rid of them unless of course, you’re willing to endure scorching heat in the summer or no electricity at all. The thing is, even though you take all the right

Tips for finding local storage to de-clutter your house


If you’ve ever needed to move or end up having too many things cluttering up your house? This happens from time to time unfortunately, but you can actually have everything taken care of and neatly stored just by taking one simple step – renting or investing in a storage unit. If you’re having trouble finding

How to care for and store your seasonal furniture

seasonal garden furniture

As the seasons change so does the need for selected items of furniture, especially outdoor items. It is important that you protect your outdoor furniture during the winter months from rain, snow or whatever else the elements throw at you. The following four tips provide guidelines on how to best protect, care and store your

Storing your gardening tools

gardening tools

Storing your gardening tools properly will prevent breakage, rusting or other kinds of damage. Tools are an investment, and you need to take care of them well so that you keep them for a long time. You get to save by not spending money because you need to replace damaged tools. Storing tools in the

Creating space with access panels

access panels

Looking to maximize space without having to add extra furniture to gain that space? Or maybe you are looking to maximize space but don’t know how? No matter your project – commercial or residential, did you know using something like a flushed drywall access panel or a plaster access panel, you can create that storage

Arranging your backyard: Things to consider

backyard ideas

With the distressing issues of 2019 prompting us to reconsider our green choices, we have to make the most out of nature by contributing to green spaces and working towards doing our part to save the environment. Urban settings are adapting to the call for green revolution with an added emphasis on renewable energy and

The types and styles of cupboard doors

cupboard doors

When it comes to cupboard doors styles and types, fashion is set aside. Although door overlay and door style are key elements of style, we won’t be focusing on them. We’ll discuss how these doors are constructed, classified, and described by manufacturers. Today’s kitchens now connect with living spaces. Therefore, door styles play a very

Three tips for making the best use of your garage space


Some of the most beautiful homes in the Phoenix area make us drool with envy. But, the truth is, if you open the garage, the contents would make Marie Kondo apoplectic. Today we’re going to explain how you can make the best use of garage space if you rethink the use of your garage, organize

How to keep your garden shed organized


If you are like most homeowners, you may be a bit scared to even open the doors to your garden shed because of the mess. It can be a natural dumping ground for all sorts of things that need to be stowed away. Your shed may be overflowing with tools, gardening equipment or seasonal toys.