Keeping your air conditioner running smoothly: Mistakes to avoid

air conditioning unit

If you live in an area that has prolonged summer, then you must act sensibly to protect your air conditioning system that creates a comfortable living environment. Every homeowner knows how much it goes in installing and maintaining the air conditioning or HVAC system. Keeping your air conditioner ready so that it runs efficiently for

How do air purifiers work?

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The air we breathe consists of pollutants that are invisible to a naked eye. These air pollutants can contribute to allergies as well as other airborne diseases. The impacts of air pollutants are more pronounced among people who spend more time in closed areas such as homes and workplaces. The air indoors is not that

How to make your home more energy efficient

energy efficiency

Modern comfort comes at a price, and keeping air conditioners, refrigerators, furnaces, and water heaters going makes it hard to keep home energy bills to a manageable level. With all of these additions in your home, gradually you will see your energy bill increase if you aren’t careful. Luckily, there are a variety of things

Installing an oil tank on your farm: What you need to know

oil tank

Installing an oil storage tank is a wise step for any home or business. Not only is it an efficient source of fuel, it reduces your reliance on outside sources and allows you to have greater control over the price you pay to heat your farm buildings or run your vehicles. As the farmer, tenant

Waiting for a plumber to fix your burst pipe? Do this while you wait

burst pipe

Burst pipes can be a nightmare. Fortunately, you can protect your home from serious damage by taking the necessary precautions. The first thing that you will need to do is call a plumbing company. There are also things that you will need to do while you are waiting for a plumber to arrive. Find Your

What to do before calling a residential heating repair company

heating repair

Anyone who lives in Fort Collins, CO understands that keeping the home heating system in top shape is essential. While there are certainly times when you need help from a professional, there are situations that you can resolve yourself. At the least, checking a few basics before contacting a local heating repair expert in residential

How to choose the right firewood for your fireplace


There’s nothing quite like having a real fire in your home. Whether you opt for an open fireplace or a stove, the appeal lies in the immediate warmth and the simple connection with the natural world that a central heating radiator simply cannot compete with. In terms of homeliness and cosiness, surely there’s nothing better

How to know when it’s time for a furnace replacement

furnace repair

Living in Edmonton, chances are that you’re using your furnace extensively. After all, it is counted among the Canadian cities with the coldest winters. Even during summers, the average daily temperatures reach a maximum of 17.7 ℃. Now that you’re using your furnace extensively, how to know if it’s still working fine. Are you not

Ways to manage a noisy HVAC


Ah, summer! There’s nothing quite like enjoying a new home with a backyard get together, including a refreshing dip in the pool with friends, cold drinks, and idle conversation. Life is bliss until a deafening roar from the HVAC compressor erupts from the side yard, interrupting the party. Not only does it turn small talk