How you can keep weeds out of your garden

Weed killer

Tired of weeds constantly sprouting up and wreaking havoc on your beautiful garden? Do you find yourself doing all you can to get rid of them, but with no success? If you answered “yes” to either or both of these questions, then you are not alone. Weeds are the ultimate bane for every gardener out

5 interior trends you can easily add to your home

interior trends

With a new year, new interior design trends emerge. Keeping on trend with interiors can be hard with seasons and styles ever-changing. From kitchen cabinets to flooring, interior trends can be expensive to keep up with, but making your home stylish and on trend can be made easy with these little home add-ons. Stay in

Never mind curb appeal: What about superb appeal?

curb appeal

Whether you’re looking to sell your home to potential buyers, or you simply want to figuratively sell it as a unique and beautiful haven to your friends and family, first impressions are always everything. Yes, a beautiful interior is important, but the interior isn’t what people will see first. It isn’t the beautiful kitchen tiling

Using recycled glass to make your garden sparkle

Glass pebbles

If you have any old glass bottles or other glass items lying around, they make surprisingly versatile garden decorations. Our friends from Midland Stone have provided this expert guide on recycling glass products into beautiful outdoor ornaments.

How your garden transforms through the seasons

Winter to summer

We often think as spring and summer as being the only season during which time our garden is active but, as this infographic from Rattan Direct shows, the garden is alive with growth and bugs in every season. The garden in WINTER Winter is the time the garden slumbers but, as a gardener, you will

Get rid of moss on your driveway

Driveway cleaning

If moss has infiltrated your driveway, there is no need to worry. The process of getting rid of it is not hard and most people will be able to do it themselves. In addition, it does not cost a lot of money and it will not hurt your driveway.