Water heater energy tips to help you save money

water heaters

There’s nothing worse than an unpleasant surprise on your electric bill. Energy consumption is a concern for all homeowners, but most homeowners don’t consider their water heater as a source of the problem. Water heaters can cause a number of problems that may lead to a hike in energy costs that can go undetected for

How to transform your garden with the use of decking


If you have a fair amount of garden space (or even if you don’t!) installing decking to your garden can not only make it look better in the decorative sense it can also mean your garden is a lot more practical as you find yourself using it more and more. Of course, greenery in the

What are the best uses of wood in your garden?

wooden garden furniture

No matter what kind of garden you have, what size it is or how often you use it, there is no doubt that it is a hugely important part of the entire house. The garden, for many families, is where they spend most of their time in summer, and such you want to make sure

Tending to your garden this summer


Let it be known that there is no better place in the world to chill out in on a hot summer’s day than a good garden. Of course, that can’t be achieved if the hedges are high, the water feature lacks water and if the grass is blocking out the sun! Everyone should take the

Outside in: How garden retreats influence home interiors

Bringing the outdoors in

As we enjoy the change into spring and begin to retreat to our gardens, outdoor buildings have never looked so good. From bohemian hideaways to wow-factor treehouses, interior inspiration can come from anywhere & anything – a florist full of flowers, a hike through the outdoors or a table setting in a garden. With this

4 DIY tricks to make your home more energy efficient

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When the seasons change and the heater or the air conditioner kicks on, most people are used to seeing a jump in their utility bills. But the jump doesn’t need to be so drastic if you spend your time making sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. Here are some of the easiest

5 tips on how to turn your work trip into a vacation


As much as the idea of travelling excites our adrenaline, most of us despise the idea of work trips and outbound tours. However, since travelling makes an essential part of many job roles, here’s an insight into how you can convert your work trip into a happening vacation. Read on. Pre-Plan Your Tasks Request your

How to grow cordon apple and pear trees

fruit tree

Come autumn time, there’s nothing better than picking sweet, crisp apples and pears right from your own garden. Huge old fruit trees are fantastic if you have the space, but what if you want to grow your own orchard fruit in a smaller garden? Don’t worry, growing cordon fruit trees is a clever space-saving method

It is time you started enjoying your garden again

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The perfect garden is an elusive beast. Just like the Loch Ness monster, you may believe that it exists but that is no guarantee that you’ll know how to find it or ever see it even just for a second. Top photo via Flickr One of the reasons that it can be hard to get