Best wood types for exterior doors

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Solid wood doors continue to be considered one of the highest quality doors you can get. They offer classic beauty or modern sleekness.  The unique properties of each wood type showcase the beautiful grain that other kinds of doors can only hope to imitate. These stunning doors are also one of the most customizable doors

Telltale signs you need a new garage door

garage doors

Garage doors provide much more than just an entrance to your garage. They offer a surprising level of utility, as they provide enhanced curb appeal and an added layer of security which protects your home. However, this can only be the case if your garage doors are well looked after and maintained regularly. When you

3 ways patio doors can improve how you live

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If you have a taste for 80’s music, you might be familiar with the Kim Mitchell song, Patio Lanterns. It’s a timeless summer rock anthem synonymous with warm nights out on the patio. Canadians love patio season, and whether or not you love the song, it’s impossible to ignore how good it feels to have

The types and styles of cupboard doors

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When it comes to cupboard doors styles and types, fashion is set aside. Although door overlay and door style are key elements of style, we won’t be focusing on them. We’ll discuss how these doors are constructed, classified, and described by manufacturers. Today’s kitchens now connect with living spaces. Therefore, door styles play a very

How to choose the most suitable front door

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You front door plays an extremely important role in your home. It not only makes the first impression, but it keeps your home safe from burglars. The front door plays a key role in making a statement about whom you are. When people see that door they are going to have some kind of ideal

How to paint internal doors

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Over time the interior doors of your home will start looking a bit grubby and worse for wear. This is especially true if you have little ones running around all day. If you have the required money and need a change in your home, you could invest in getting new designer doors from a company.

Create your very own sanctuary: How to make a sound proof door

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The home is a rambunctious place. Modern developments are focused towards lightweight construction and contemporary open floor plan designs. Which are designed to look fantastic, but the broader space tends to amplify sound. Combine that with noisy neighbours, the television, the surround sound or a multitude of other noisy headaches that accompany the hustle and

3 ways maintaining your garage door saves you money

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It can be easy to forget or overlook doing regular maintenance on your garage door, but it is very important to make sure you spot and fix problems right away. When you keep your garage door properly maintained, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long term. Prevent Costly Garage Door Repairs

Renovating your home? Your guide to choosing the perfect internal doors

internal doors

When you begin the search for new doors for a renovation, you may not fully appreciate the wide variety of designs and styles you have available to you; such choice increases your ‘decisions to make’ pile. There’s always something to get stuck into during a home renovation and all too often the seemingly insignificant decisions

DIY tips to repair a patio door

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Patio doors that offer great views of the garden outdoors can maximize your space, as they don’t open outwards. While garden doors come with just one lock, sliding patio doors prevent unwanted break-ins with the integration of an optional security bar or kick locks. However, as sliding glass doors are used frequently, there are chances