Outside Kitchen Ideas

outdoor kitchen

Do you like to host gatherings in the great outdoors? Picture yourself throwing a barbecue or a more intimate gathering under the stars. Your home’s selling and entertaining potential can both benefit from the addition of an outdoor kitchen. How much do outdoor kitchens usually cost to construct? The expense of constructing an outdoor kitchen

Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Pizza Ovens

pizza oven

Outdoor pizza oven — For domestic and commercial use Outdoor pizza ovens are a great addition to any backyard, especially if you’re a fan of home-made food. They’re a versatile complement to grills and smokehouses, allowing you to prepare a variety of dishes — despite pizza in their name, they can be used to make

The Roti Maker – An essential part of your life


As we talk about many developments, technologically or materialistically, one of the new editions into this world of inventions is the Roti makers. The roti maker, just any other invention, was invented to make human life simpler. As the name suggests, the roti maker is just another took to flatten doughs in an easier method

Staying safe when using BBQs: An expert guide

BBQ safety

As the warmer months are upon us, the nothing quite like dining under the sun, in the great outdoors. Therefore, there’s no surprise why so many of us, (when the weather is just right) jump to the chance, of bringing out those paddling pools and fire up the BBQ at every opportunity.  Hosting a BBQ,

How to get your garden ready for barbecue season

BBQ season

Summer is coming, which means it’s almost time for the first backyard barbecue of the year — is your yard ready? After a long, cold winter, it’s not uncommon for home exteriors to be in some disarray. However, before you host any warm-weather gatherings, you need to ensure your yard is in perfect condition. That

How to find the best convection microwave


If you are fond of cooking or baking, then must have a convection oven at your place. This is something, what the perfectionist calls a “master piece”. And why not, convection ovens have got all the right functions that one is probably going to need in their kitchen. If you do not already have one

Aga: Are friends electric?

Electric Aga

A look at the pros and cons of the electric Aga. The term “household name” tends to get bandied about somewhat loosely these days, however Aga have established themselves over nearly a century as exactly that; a name synonymous with quality and reliability upon which thousands of households have placed their trust and a brand

Perfect BBQ tips & tools for beginners

BBQ tips

Having a hard time getting your bbq right? Don’t worry, we’ve been there. Barbecuing for the first time can be frustrating especially, if you end up with meat that’s dry and overcooked or still cold and raw. Here is my list of perfect bbq tips and tools for beginners that would help you become an

Top 5 grill accessories for your next BBQ


With the bbq season approaching us soon it is time to stock up on the necessary tools and accessories that you will be needing to smoke up the grill. It is wise to have everything ready before you start smoking up ribs, briskets, bbq chicken and burgers as you don’t want to start a bbq

How to make a simple DIY charcoal grill

DIY grill smoker

Who doesn’t love a perfectly grilled burger on a Sunday afternoon? Homemade Grilled foods just taste a hundred times better than the traditional pan cooking foods. On top of that, the joy of grilling on your garden or backyard while drinking a cold beer is a unique experience and no pan cooking can replace that.