Top 8 accessories for the modern kitchen

kitchen accessories

You can have a well-designed and great looking kitchen but it is often the accessories that really give it the wow factor. Not only that but they will make your life so much easier. Good accessories will save you time and take care of much of the boring repetitive work. You don’t want to spend

Life hacks for cleaning a barbecue

bbq cleaning tips

There is nothing better than a good ol’ barbecue.  Bring together good friends, good food, and a strong fire, and you have yourself a delicious celebration of the upcoming spring and summer months.  The joy of barbecuing is not only that it is a wonderful experience, but it can also be done anywhere – in

Design tips for planning the perfect outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Many things usually go into designing an outdoor kitchen. It takes a lot of time from planning to the purchase the stuff that will go into it. Besides, it never comes cheap. Here are some tips to consider before setting up an outdoor kitchen. 1. The Available Space Small properties usually present few choices, when

Effective Tips to Take Care of Your Barbeque Grill

bbq grill

Choose charcoal or gas, buy a top-class model or a cheap on a budget, if you use a barbeque one thing remains the same – you need to take care of the grills.  Taking care of the grills includes regular cleaning and maintenance of the appliance, occasionally washing the flavorizer bars and emptying the grease

Which type of barbecue is best for my garden?


Barbecues are often at the mercy of the great outdoors, but when the sun is shining there are few better ways to relax in the evening or at a weekend get-together. So you’re getting ready to throw a garden party, you’ve turned your garden into the perfect hosting venue, but which type of BBQ is best

Entertaining at home: What you need for that perfect outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Holding parties at home has become more of a norm in recent times as it is quite pricey to have it in restaurants. There are a lot of factors to consider:  going over the menu, the people capacity, the time limit, the availability of the venue, the noise, fun, cries, and laughter that goes along

Designing the perfect outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Cooking isn’t just an indoor activity. In fact, cooking outdoors can often provide even better results than cooking inside your home. Barbecuing has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity since the 1950s, largely due to the incredible aromas and flavors created by grilling food outdoors. Of course, the equipment used for outdoor cooking has changed and evolved over

Kitchen hacks: Smoking food without a smoker

smoked food

Smoking is a simple yet great way to prepare food. There is always something on smoked foods that make our mouths water relentlessly. Maybe, it was already engraved on our genes that we are going to love these delicacies. After all, smoking food is one of the oldest cooking methods known to humanity. Things have

Fire power! The increasing number of appliances fired by wood

wood fired oven

It goes without saying that wood is an extremely important resource which has been used for thousands of years to the benefit of society. From construction material to furniture to paper, it’s application is seemingly endless (here are some products you probably didn’t realise come from trees), but it’s woodfuel that has caught the eye