Is it time to bid your old furniture goodbye?

old furniture

Cosmetics, medicine, and food come with printed expiry dates. Unlike most FMCG products, furniture does not include expiration dates, and that makes it difficult for the owner to determine the exact time for the replacement or reupholstering of their furniture. More than once a week, we see old couches and chairs on the curbs, with

5 tips for shopping a furniture clearance sale

furniture store

If you would like to buy furniture but find the prices exorbitant, don’t give up on your quest. All you need is patience. No doubt, soon the stores you found to have unaffordable rates will have a garden furniture clearance sale where prices could go as low as 50% of what they are now. Prices

Top tips for buying quality furniture


Furniture significantly affects your health, comfort, image and efficiency. So whether you are buying furniture for an expo stand. your home or office, here are some suggestions. Top tips when buying new furniture Have a clear budget This might seem obvious but having a clear set budget is the most important step of buying new furniture. A specific

Furnishing a new apartment: Where do you begin?

new apartment

After buying a new place to live in, almost every one of us begins living on a tight budget for the following years. However, that does not mean that you get an excuse not to furnish your new abode. When on a budget, you can always turn on e-commerce sites and flea markets to help

5 modern and chic ideas for your home office

office furniture

Home offices do not have to be unattractive, boring and uninspiring. If you work from home, you deserve a workspace that exudes a similar vibe to being in an official setting. Your workspace could play a huge role in your productivity, as it could help you think clearly and execute brilliant plans and ideas. Building

5 wonderful ways to use the Swan Loveseat

Originally created for the super-modern Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the Swan Loveseat is versatile piece of classic Scandinavian design. Here are just 5 ways you can use it in your home: Entrance First of all, the Swan Loveseat not only caters to the practicality needs of an entrance, such as putting on shoes

The Barcelona coffee table: Make a statement in your living room

Coffee table

At the core of their design, the Barcelona coffee table and end table are a duo that was specifically designed to furnish the living rooms. Their sleek, modernist visuals and transparent designing are absolutely statement worthy to begin with, but you can enhance it even more by pairing them with the right furniture, accessories, and

How To Clean A Sofa Bed

sofa bed

Sofa beds are truly one of life’s great pleasures. These handy little pieces of furnishing can serve two extremely important functions. Not only do they provide you will a suitable place to sit during the day and evening hours, but at night the can make for a relaxing sleeping place. However, due to their versatility

Five must-have tools for wooden furniture restoration & repair

furniture repair

Restoring that antique chair you picked up at auction for a steal isn’t like other woodworking projects. There isn’t a lot of room for brute strength. Think finesse. A different approach might require that you take a different approach to stock your workshop for tools. The question is tools are the right ones for the

The benefits of having a pedicure chair

pedicure chair

Thinking about upgrading your spa equipment this year? Maybe to include more techy gear and new spa chair models into your salon to offer your customers more comfort as you work on them. As a business that is all about beautifying your clients, you want to work extra hard to have your customers looking dashing