Reasons you should deck out your home in wood furniture

wooden furniture

Furnishing your home in natural wood furniture can be a statement about your personality, interests and hobbies, or a practical solution. Yes, wood furniture is heavy, but it also never needs to be replaced because of wear and tear. Some homeowners seek out wood furniture from the 18th and 17th centuries so they can create

Transparent acrylic furniture – the epitome of style and strength

acrylic furniture

Acrylic furniture is the new trend that works in any house. Furniture is not just useful for us, it also adds beauty to the home decor. When after tiring office or shopping schedule we like to relax in our furniture, what matters more is comfort and style. But cleaning this furniture becomes a headache as

The 6 absolute best recliners to own In 2019


There are few things more enjoyable than unwinding in the perfect recliner at the end of a long day. But with all the options available today, how can someone find their recliner soul-mate? That’s where we come in. Here are our top 5 recliners of 2019. 1. Ekornes Stressless Recliner The Scandinavian style oozing out

How to transport goods when you’re a freelance interior designer

moving furniture

Starting your own career without the aid of a corporate company can be quite an exciting endeavor. You hold all the power as you can make your own decisions about how you’ll run your business. You’re able to create your own rates, working hours and design the face of your business. Being a freelancer you’re

Where can I buy furniture in Singapore?

new furniture

Immediately after moving to a new city or country, people feel the need to convert their new house into a home. When the new city is Singapore, it is indeed a little difficult to contain your excitement. This city is replete with lifestyle stores, recycled furniture shops, and eco-friendly furnishing options that you can dive

Transform your home with geode furniture

geode furniture

If you want to create exclusive and unique furniture by using organic materials like rocks that looks simply one of its kinds, you must use geode rocks that are excellent for the purpose. For sure, no two pieces of geode furniture would ever look the same, and you can own designer furniture that bears the

Is it time to bid your old furniture goodbye?

old furniture

Cosmetics, medicine, and food come with printed expiry dates. Unlike most FMCG products, furniture does not include expiration dates, and that makes it difficult for the owner to determine the exact time for the replacement or reupholstering of their furniture. More than once a week, we see old couches and chairs on the curbs, with

5 tips for shopping a furniture clearance sale

furniture store

If you would like to buy furniture but find the prices exorbitant, don’t give up on your quest. All you need is patience. No doubt, soon the stores you found to have unaffordable rates will have a garden furniture clearance sale where prices could go as low as 50% of what they are now. Prices

Top tips for buying quality furniture


Furniture significantly affects your health, comfort, image and efficiency. So whether you are buying furniture for an expo stand. your home or office, here are some suggestions. Top tips when buying new furniture Have a clear budget This might seem obvious but having a clear set budget is the most important step of buying new furniture. A specific

Furnishing a new apartment: Where do you begin?

new apartment

After buying a new place to live in, almost every one of us begins living on a tight budget for the following years. However, that does not mean that you get an excuse not to furnish your new abode. When on a budget, you can always turn on e-commerce sites and flea markets to help